Notice to Suspend Deliveries and Request for Release

Notice to Suspend Deliveries and Request for Release. As a Manufacturing company, you are constantly faced with deadlines for each customer’s job.

So working with a supplier who continuously sends you incorrect parts will just not do!

When you need to freeze all future deliveries while also terminating your contract, you should send this letter to your supplier.

Taking these few preemptive steps can save everyone on both sides a lot of hassle. 

Make sure to reference your current contract and outline what has led you to this decision! 




Your delivery of [description of goods] which was received by us on [date]

does not meet the specifications as outlined in our contract of [date]. 

Inasmuch as this merchandise does not meet our requirements, we are

hereby requesting that you suspend any future deliveries as called for in

our herein referenced contract and release us from that certain contract.

Due to our contractual commitments, we must supply our customer with

the appropriate goods within a specified period of time which requires that

we now proceed to make our purchases from a different source.

We would appreciate receiving your release as soon as possible.

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