Notice to Terminate AKA Account

You’ll need a Notice to Terminate AKA Account when you are no longer associated with a business or business name.  If you have an AKA account,

make it a priority to get that account closed up asap – believe me you’d rather be safe than sorry on this one!

Make sure to put all of the details in the letter i.e. your name, the account name, the effective date. Additionally, if you’d like to open a new account at this time, use this time to tell your bank!

Express your appreciation in your closing paragraph and provide your contact information in case your signature is needed on any of the forms. 


Dear ________,

This is to inform you that from this day forward, I am no longer responsible for any debts incurred by [name] , a.k.a. [name] .

The above captioned account is currently held in my name. In order to avoid any potential problems, I am requesting that you close my current account and open a new account solely in my name.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you require my signature on any forms, please forward the paperwork necessary to my office, and I will return it to you promptly.

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