Nurse Resume Cover Letter

Below is a Registered Nurse Resume Cover Letter that can be easily modified to reflect any number of category of nurses;  LPNs, Psychiatric Nurses, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, etc.

Registered Nurses constitute the largest health care occupation with approximately 2.5 million jobs. Nearly 60% of them are in hospitals.

So, if you are an RN looking for a job and don't have a resume cover letter you can modify and use this one.

It is sure to meet your needs should you chose to use as is, or tailor it to fit just right.

Here's the letter...


August 15, 2009

Ms. Jean James, Nursing Director
Monroe General Hospital
1915 East Leon Parkway 
Yourtown, FL, 21212

Dear Ms. James;

It is with great excitement that I submit my resume for your consideration for the Evening Shift Registered Nurse Position advertised in Sunday's Florida Sun Times Classified Ads. I have a BA Degree in Nursing, ten years experience providing direct patient care services and think I will be a valuable asset to Monroe General Hospital.

Please find enclosed is my resume for your consideration, which reflects the desired combination of formal training and practical experience that you are seeking. Among other things you'll see that I am proficient in the use of American Sign Language and graduated from an accredited nursing program with a BA Degree.

I am proficient at changing dressings; monitoring and tracking vital signs; checking and distributing narcotics; carrying out physician orders regarding diet, medication and treatment; and other related duties as needed.  I am also a skilled communicator, oral and written.

In closing, I  look forward to the pleasure of meeting you to personally discuss my interest and qualifications. For your convenience I can be reached at 555-555-5555 to answer any questions and/or to schedule a time to meet you.


Eeny Meeny Mynis

* The names of individuals and organizations depicted in this template are entirely fictional and are in no way meant to depict any real person.

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