Office Manager Resignation Letter

by Jaime
(Las Vegas, NV,USA)

The following resignation letter was submitted by a site visitor who is leaving his job as an office manager to pursue her dreams of being a full time author. Her letter does a good job of reflecting appreciate for the support, encouragement and opportunities provided by her employer and her excitement about moving forward with her life by following and living her dream.

Dear Dr. Smith,

I am sorry to say that I will have to tender my resignation effective on today. I have decided to pursue my dream of writing a novel and I will be devoting all of my time to this goal. My last day of employment at Green Valley Clinic will be Monday, February 1st.

I am grateful for everything I've learned at your clinic and I think of you and my coworkers as some of the better friends I've ever had. I hope that we will still be in contact in the future.

As a result of working in your office I have been able to strengthen my accounting and human resource skills. I also learned what excellent patient care is and how to deliver it.

Over the years you have been a supportive, positive employer and while I look forward to my future as an author, I hope that you know how much I value your mentorship and encouragement.

From now until my final day, I will devote my time in preparing for a smooth transition to your new office manager. However, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have even beyod that date and into the future.

I wish you and all of the staff of Green Valley Clinic a happy, successful future.

Jaime Gammon

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