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One Click Cover Letters is a software writing program that generates cover letters specific to your needs - automatically! Following is my review of it, but first let me tell you a little about why what I think should matter to you.

During my career I've read lots of resumes and cover letters.  I've never actually tallied the number, but given my near senior citizen age with attendant grey hair suffice it to say that it's been a whole lot of them.  I've also interviewed a lot of people and can tell you that I interviewed many of them based on the strength and uniqueness of their resume cover letters. 

For me, as well as other job interviewers I know, well written cover letters can be the difference in your getting an invitation to a job interview, or not.  

FREE HINT! If you've submitted a cover letter and haven't gotten an offer for an interview you should send a follow-up letter to your cover letter and application.  I bet you've never done that, have you?

I've also written lots of  Sample Resume Cover Letters for my website, including job interview thank you letters,.  However, after 40 - 50 or so they all started sounding the same. 

I needed something that would give my letters a freshness that would make them uniquely different, and be good enough to get the desired result -  which is a call to come in for a job interview! 

The day finally came when I just couldn't write another letter.  Simply stated, I didn't have another creative word in my whole being; I hit the proverbial brick wall and couldn't write a letter if my life had depended on it...I was spent!   

But my need for letters wasn't over...I still needed as many as I could get.  So,  I turned to a product that I'd been reading about...One Click Cover Letters!   

I purchased One Click and gave it a whirl.  The results?  I was able to write a pretty darn good cover letter in 1 - 2 minutes from start to finish...and that included the time I took to polish it up a little bit by infusing it with some of the personal nuances of my writing style.  1 -2 Minutes and that was it! 

I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter that fast.  In fact, I've not written a letter, any letter, so fast in my entire life!

One Click is a lot better than I thought it would be.  I don't have anything else to compare it too, because it's the only program like it that I've ever used, but I am  100% satisfied with the investment.  I'll be able to write 20-30 uniquely different letters for my website in no time at all.  In a nutshell, it was a great investment. 

Here's The Good About The Product. It truly is one click technology (really like a series of one clicks).  You enter basic information specific to the job, interview or meeting at hand and you're pretty much done.  And perhaps the nicest feature about the program is that it generates follow up cover letters and interview thank you letters...all in a few clicks of your mouse.  Go there now if you're ready to order it.

The Bad About The Product.  The only negative about the program is that it doesn't clearly instruct you on how to get the content of your letter onto the document you're using.  However, that's really a pretty minor thing because you'll intuitively figure it out in a second or two.  Having said that here;s the "paste". ..and that's it. 

Recommendation.  If you write a lot of  cover letters you definitely want to invest in One Click.  You'll save a boatload of time and pump out lots of letters while doing it.  Also, it's worth purchasing even if you'll be using it for one or two letters, as it has templates that have a slightly different way of stating things.  It's said that that is by design and that the formatted language has been proven to generate responses to the cover letters. 

That's it.  You can click here to go to the website and get your own copy today.

P.S.  When you invest in this product you also get several bonuses that you can't get anywhere else on the internet that can help you package your resume and cover letters in a way that you'll be likely to get a call for a job interview verses somebody who doesn't have and use the same information.

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