Our first gift

by Yago

Me and my girlfriend started dating April 30th of 2009, and we are still together, but the thing is that she is living 5000 miles away from were I live, I got to know here by some friends, started talking to her and before I could notice, I was in love with her. We dated without seeing each other personally trough more than one year (I traveled to her place after 1 year we started dating) and her first gift to me, a guy, was a lion holding a heart.

Normally a guy gives the "teddy bear" to the girl, but this time was different, and I didn't mind it, because it was the first thing that she had touched that I touched, I was glad just by that. I still have and cherish that lion till today. And she gave me especially a lion because of my face when I wake up, with my hair all messed up; I looked like a lion with his mane.

That lion is a precious present that I'll keep always with me, and that lion is the best gift that I could ever get, I can't even think about any other present that would have the same amount of meaning and love.

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