Out of The Box and Into The Real World

by Cody Johnson
(Bowling Green, KY)

The Letter of Recommendation to College I am submitting will help a dear friend of mine, Mary Hale, progress in her on-going aspirations of becoming an odd-jobber, professional writer, and occupational blogger. She has a very strong background in writing, she is very outgoing, and will persevere through virtually anything to complete a task.


Dear Mr. Arnold,

I am writing to you today on behalf of Ms. Mary Hale, one of my hardest working and most outgoing students in hopes that you would consider her a worthy candidate to your MFA Program.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Hale for five years now and have watched her grow tremendously during that time. Never have I seen her turn in one assignment late, give a project or assignment less than 100%, or do anything that might compromise her diligence as a student.

Being a professor for nearly twelve years, I've encountered nearly 3,000 students in my classroom. Many of them have been great, even more of them have not succeeded in their college careers, and few of them have ever gained the honor of being an exceptional student, but Ms. Hale has. Not only has she been the backbone of The Sunworth Script for all four years of her college career, but she has gone out of her way to have the publication delivered to local businesses, have them distributed in classrooms and dormitories, and basically started the Opinions section herself.

If trusted with your graces as a student in the MFA Program at Bellingham, Ms. Hale will exceed every expectation you may have set for an incoming student. You'll come to find very few students possess these natural talents for writing combined with such an ambitious personality. I am lucky just to have known Ms. Hale, and in time, I'm sure you'll be saying the same thing.

Prof. Cody Johnson

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