Past Arrival Notice and Request to Schedule Service

Send this Parts Arrival Notice and Request to Schedule Service. A customer contacted you with a service order request.

Since you didn’t have all of the necessary parts, you had to put in a special order.

Now that the part has arrived, you’ve made several attempts to contact your customer with no luck.

Maybe their phone has been disconnected, maybe they simply don’t have answering machine or they do, but aren’t receiving your messages.

You should now try contacting them another way, by sending this letter!

Provide the details of their order as well as the amount they will owe you at the time of installation!


Dear ___________,

We have received the part for your [appliance].

Several attempts have been made to contact you in order to complete your repairs.

Please telephone us at [number] so that arrangements can be made to come to your home and complete this work. The total cost of the part is $ , including sales tax. This amount will be payable at the time of installation.

Thank you.

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