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My Darling,

I often stop and wonder what I did to be so lucky as to have found you, my true love; someone who knows me so well, who enjoys the same things that I do, who likes to go to the same places, talk about the same things, drink the same wine and who has a genuine romantic side to them?

I'll never forget how we met. I was driving home from a theatre and got stuck at a red light for 15 minutes because of some road construction. I was lucky that it was a beautiful day out and we both had our windows down. I saw you glance in my direction...and after pretending not to look at one another we started to exchange some small talk.

Who would have thought that being tied up in traffic could be so much fun? Then I agreed to stopping for cappuchino at the River Front Cafe. It's funny...when you ordered our drinks I knew you were the one for me! A feeling came over me that I'd never had before. Watching you walk over to the flower lady in the corner, picking out a perfect pink rose and placing it on the tray alongside my cup showed me just how special you are.

Afterwards we went on a whirlwind romance. I can't believe we've been together for 4 years! Every time I look into your eyes I see our future. I see the magic in you that makes us, well, us!

Your deep brown eyes, flowing chestnut hair and the lips that drive me wild. The way you sprinkle a little cinnamon on my coffee in the morning, the way you puff up the pillows at night, that seductive little glance that you give me out of the side of your eyes, I swear, I still have to pinch myself so that I know this is real.

My darling, I have never loved you more than I do right now. I lookk forward to each new day to spend more time with you. Once again I pledge my unending love to you, and I remain, evermore, your special puffy bear.


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