Permission to Use Copyrighted Material

You always need Permission to Use Copyrighted Material - everyone knows that!

So when you find yourself in a situation where you choose to grant such permission you need to use this letter!

First, be sure to specify just who you are granting permission to and indicate the guidelines – i.e. when and how can they use the material?

Be as specific as possible to protect yourself and your work!

Remind them to give you credit for the material and enclose instructions on how you would like them to do so.

Send a revised version of this letter for every applicable situation!





FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, the undersigned, as copyright holder, hereby grants permission to _, to reprint, publish and use for world distribution the following material: [Describe or attach]




This material shall be used only in the following manner or publication:  [Define intended use]




A credit line to acknowledge use of the material is _____ is not _____ [Check one] required.  If required, the credit line shall read as follows: 





Dated:  _______


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