Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement

This Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement letter should absolutely be used each and every time you choose to authorize an organization to reprint something you have said.

Sticky situations may arise if statements are placed in publications without consent of the speaker, and that is where this letter steps in.

When approached with a request to publish your statement, you may immediately feel humbled, honored even.

Don’t let the glory of the moment take over – don’t sign their authorization request letter without fully reading it.

In fact, be on the safe side and use your own letter – this template in fact.

Get the specifics down on paper yourself, sign off on it and send it out!





FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, the undersigned irrevocably authorizes _, and its successors and assigns to use, publish or reprint in whole or in part the following statement, picture, endorsement or quotation:  [Describe or attach]




This authorization shall extend only to a certain publication known as _, including all new editions, reprints, advertisements, publicity and promotions thereto of said work.


Dated: _________



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