Can This Personal Recommendation Letter Template
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Looking for a good Personal Recommendation Letter Template?

Personal Recommendation Letter Template

Try the one below; it's brief, concise and to the point. Give it to a boss, co-worker or friend and have them complete it for you...and if you are the boss, or friend, your work is done for you.Spend a few minutes with this template and you'll have a letter that you'll be proud to present to anybody.

Dear ______:

I have known [individual] for several years. She's articulate, motivated and trustworthy. She also has high expectations of herself and of those close to her, while at the same time being willing to accept people as they with unconditional positive regard.

[individual] is also a hard worker and critical thinker. She has good decision making processes and is able to draw from the experiences and expertise of those around her when confronted with issues that she knows little about.

In closing, I believe that [individual] would be an asset to your organization and the position for which you are considering her. In that regard and for your convenience I can be reached at (your phone number] if you have any questions about this letter of recommendation.

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