Personal Reference Letter For a Neighbor

by Virginia Hernandez
(Clovis, Ca)

Please write a personal reference letter based on the following information:

Public Authority of Fresno County,
Petra Trujillo,
she is applying for a job with this company,
she is my neighbor,
I've known her for twelve years,
she is hard working, dedicated, mother and wife, has strong work ethics, positive role model

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Here's The Requested Personal Reference Letter
by: Lanard

Virginia - below is the personal reference letter that you requested for your neighbor. Please write back by making comments on the form and tell me what you think about it. Have a good day! Lanard

Dear Ms. [Insert Name]

My name is Virginia Hernandez and I am a neighbor of Petra Trujillo. Petra is applying for a position with Peter Authority of Fresno County. I am writing to recommend her for any position with your company that she might qualify for.

Although reference letters from neighbors may not typically carry much weight, I think this one should, as I've seen admirable characteristics in Petra that seem to be diminishing in our society; at least as it is portrayed in the media.

I've known Petra for twelve years and observed her to be consistently hard working (almost to a fault); dedicated to friends, neighbors and family; a most loving mother and wife; and a positive role model with regard to how she speaks and interacts with others, maintains her home, etc.

It's unusual for a neighbor to know what I'm about to say next, but Petra also has a great work ethic. I found out in general conversation with her that she was gone from home for nearly 10 hours a day because she makes it a point to arrive to work a half hour early every day and stayed a half hour later than required. And she does it because of her work ethic, not for recognition or extra pay.

I think if given the opportunity you'll enjoy working with Petra. She has an infectious personality and is just a pleasure to be around and with. There's no doubt in my mind that she'll be an asset to your organization and become a rising star within it.

Thank you for your consideration of hiring Petra and please feel free to call me if you have any questions. For your convenience I can be reached at xxx xxxx xxxxx.

Virginia Hernandez

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