Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation

Writing a Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation can be a complex, challenging and even nerve wracking if you're the person 

Personal Reference Letter of RecommendationPersonal Reference Letter of Recommendation

doing the writing. Everybody's busy with seemingly little time to attend to important, but not life pressing concerns; like writing a letter for a friend, or having a coworker/colleague write one for you. 

Sample Letter Templates like the one below are good for such  times, as you can spend a few minutes searching for one that closely matches what you need and within a few minutes of finding one you can personalize and be done with it; fast, simple and quick, like the following one.

Sample Letter of Recommendation

Dear ______:

The fact that you will be leaving our firm shortly has been brought to my attention. We are very sorry to lose you inasmuch as your work has always been most satisfactory and we were hoping that you would remain with the [name of firm] for many years.

I understand that you are leaving for personal reasons that have nothing to do with this organization. I will be happy to provide you with a letter of recommendation, if you so request. You may find this helpful in securing a position with another firm in your new locale.

Please advise my secretary of your intent in this matter, so that we can have it prepared for you before your departure. I know that I speak for everyone here at [name of firm] in wishing you the very best of luck in the future.

Your Name

More Sample  Letters 

Below are nearly a dozen or so Personal Reference Letter Samples written by our site visitors. If a specific one is more helpful than the others please tell us. If you need something different tell us that, too. If it's already on the site we'll write back and give you the link to it. Here are the letters...

A Letter Of Recommendation For Rashad Evans 
This letter is for an employee who applied for a Corporate Vice President of Quality Assurance position with another company. It was written by the employee's supervisor at the time.

A Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation for Nathaniel E. Long 
This letter is about an employee who developed new channels of marketing that resulted in high quality products for customers and increased profits for his employer.

A Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation For Mr. Rajat Goel 
The Letter of Recommendation below is for a coworker/friend seeking employment with another firm. SUBJECT: A Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation …

A Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation for Taran Galloway 
"He works with a positive attitude and takes along his team mates. " This sentence is a great beginning to an outstanding letter. 

Character Reference For Potential Landlord 
To: To whom it may concern About: Annmarie Breen Why: Basic character reference for future letting agency Relationship: Voluntary work colleague …

Character Reference 
To Whom It May Concern; I feel honoured and privileged to be asked to write this character reference for Mrs Julie Stokes. I am honoured because there …

Head Girls Soccer Coach 
Glenn - below is the letter of recommendation for your friend, Andrea Brown, recommending her for a Head Soccer Coach position. I took some liberties …

Letter For a Neighbor 
Please write a personal reference letter based on the following information: Public Authority of Fresno County, Petra Trujillo, she is applying …

Letter of Recommendation For Work 
The following Recommendation Letter is short, but very much to the point. Letters of recommendation don't have to be wordy; sincerity and brevity are …

Please Write a Letter of Recommendation For.... 
The information that I'd like you to write a recommendation letter for is; To Whom it May Concern, Sarah Yule, Looking for a second job, Friend and co-worker, …

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