Personal Reference Letter Sample -
3 Steps

Personal Reference Letter Sample 3 Steps – Your opinion is highly sought after.  In fact, you’ve noticed that more and more these days, you’re being

Personal Reference Letter Sample 3 Steps

asked to serve as a reference for friends and former colleagues. The problem is, writing a reference letter that will present your cohorts in the most favorable light can be difficult!  Not to fret, this article can help. Specifically, it will provide a step by step process for writing a proper reference letter.  

Furthermore, you will see how easy it can be to write reference letters when you start with the right tool; a letter template, sample letter, or a writing system of some kind.  You don't need something complicated as much as you need something good.  The following article is both; simple and good.

Personal Reference Letter Sample 3 Steps - to Writing Great Reference Letters

By Lanard Perry

A personal reference letter sample is the first of three steps to writing reference letters that can make a difference. And with more than 50 million people unemployed in the United States right now it makes sense to take advantage of every resource that will give you, or the recipient of a letter that you right, an advantage over other applicants, whether it's for employment, acceptance into college, grad school, med school, etc.

While other reference letter sample templates emphasize a five to seven step process you'll only read about three in this article. And here they are:

Step One. Search the term "personal reference letter sample" via your favorite search engine (Google, MSN, BING, Yahoo, etc). Sort through the top 10 - 20 results and find a letter/article to your liking.

Open up a new tab and do it now...I'll wait for you to do it and come back for step two.

Step Two. Next, copy and paste the selected sample letter, or article about it, to your favorite word processor (Microsoft Word, Word Pad, etc.). Most processors allow you to click edit in your tool bar... select all and then click copy. It's that easy.

Step Three. Now, all that's left to do is personalize the template to your situation, starting with the date, to the person you're writing the letter to, the person you're writing the letter about, etc. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be able to convert that sample letter into a highly unique and personalized one.

That's it, with the exception of this closing comment. Save and close the letter and review it again the next day. That will give you an opportunity to review and tweak it with a fresh perspective. This one little twist can be the difference between writing a good personal reference letter and a great one.

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