Personal Thank You Letter Sample

A Personal Thank You Letter Sample is the perfect place to start if you need to write someone a special thank you letter.  

Reader recipients come to think of the writers of them as having put forth an extra bit of effort to express their appreciation.

Thank you letters also instill a sense of respect, compassion and even comfort.

Writing one can easily turn a small task into something that generates lots of long term goodwill. 

Following is a personal thank you letter sample to use as a template for your own:

There is one important note to keep in mind: Remember that you are thanking the person primarily for an action they took (i.e. a visit, a time you spent together, their attendance at an event, etc.) and secondarily for a material possession they pay have given you (i.e. a gift, etc.).

If you begin by thanking them for the gift, it may seem less genuine. Mention the gift, but don't make the letter about it.

Summarily, sending thank you letters is a simple yet delicate process of letting someone know that you took notice of an event and are appreciative of it.

It is critical to word them so that they establish a respectful and compassionate tone.


Dear Joan,

I wanted to thank you for visiting me in the hospital while I was ill. I found it very touching that so many people were truly concerned for my well-being.

Your flowers were lovely and offered a touch of home in a place that was certainly not that. I hope to see you again as soon as I am well. Again, I sincerely thank you for your visit- it meant the world to me!

Have a wonderful day.


Your Name


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