Personal Thank You Letter

A Personal Thank You Letter is sent to show your appreciation for something someone has done, said or given to you - basically an action they took.

The approach should be warm, cordial and/or professional to convey your sincerity, but it doesn't have to be rigid.

A simple label for who the letter is to, a body and a signature will do.

Need an example?  The one below is simple and easy to personalize:

A semi-formal style makes the thank you letter more personal, yet still respectful.

In the event of receiving a gift, remember to keep in mind that you want to thank the person for their thoughts and not just the gift itself. 

You want the recipient to know you are grateful for the compassion of their actions. 

It is an excellent way to convey your appreciation and to establish a personal connection with the person receiving it.


Dear Joe,

Thank you for attending my house warming gathering. I am very grateful to you for wishing me luck with my new home.

The bamboo plant you gave to me as a house warming present was very thoughtful of you. I know the perfect place for it!

I hope to see you again very soon. Have a wonderful week!



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