Personalized Romance Novel

by T. Renee Perry
(Gainesville, Fl)

A romantically unique gift that breaks away from the feather ticklers and body oils. Suitable for him and her,, creates a personalized romance novel featuring you and your loved one as characters. It’s easy!

First, you choose one from the 25 novels written. You decide if you want your romance to have a “mild” or “wild” side. The “wild” versions (though never graphic) offer more detail in the steamy romantic scenes.

The “mild” version, is the exact same story line, just with minimalistic description for those scenes, to leave more for the imagination. Stories vary in length, but the average is 170 pages for paperbacks and 210 for hardback novels.

These books look just like a romance novel you would buy in a bookstore and features a photo (uploaded by the consumer) of the starring couple. Some personal information is needed in order to create this personalized story.

Before you’re ready to order, make sure you can provide the following. For her, you’ll need to know: the town she lives in, favorite radio station for music, favorite color for clothing, her perfume and the closest major airport to her. Just for him: the aftershave or cologne he prefers and the type of car he drives.

The couples’ first and last names, pet names for each other, best friends’ names, where they each work, hair and eye colors, and their favorite genre of music is also needed, as well as total amount of time they’ve been a couple. Each novel will also include a personalized dedication page.

Developed by husband and wife team Kathy M. Newbern and J.S. Fletcher your romance novel is sure to be a truly romantic gift for any occasion. Truly be the man of her fantasies and give Fabio a run for his money!

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