Pest Control Service Agreement

Here’s a Pest Control Service Agreement to distribute to each customer you do business with!  

You might not think you will need an agreement such as this, given your particular business.  

But truthfully, no matter what services you are providing or receiving, getting that kind of agreement on paper is better than relying on just a verbal bargain.  

After the initial telephone conversation, you should be able to fill in most of the details yourself.

Then you can mail out a copy, or simply bring it along the first time you visit the property.

Having a standardized form such as this, will assure that you are both on the same page and will leave little room for a misunderstanding later on down the road!




Branch Office: ___________     Account Name:

Telephone:______________          Attention:

Contact:________________          Billing Address:

Title:____________________________    City:__________________

Pests to be Controlled:___________    Service Address:_______

Service Phone:_________

Office Phone:__________

Problem Areas:____________________

Initial Service Charge:  _____________

Monthly Service Charge:  ___________

Advance Payment: __________

Amount remitted: _______





[name of firm] agrees to  provide pest control service in accordance with the terms set forth Less % for Full above, once each month, more often if deemed necessary by [name of firm] to effect control of the above  pests.  The initial term of this contract is for one year and shall continue on a month-to-month basis thereafter, until terminated by either party.  

Customer agrees to  accept service each month and to make the premises available for Owner, Lessee,  Agent said service.  





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