Pet Condolence Gifts

by Jamie

Pet Condolence Gifts can be very special. Here's the story of mine that began many years ago with a dog my husband loved.

Shortly after I turned 40 I lost my husband of 21 years to a horrible illness. He was the love of my life and I didn't know what I would do without him. I received many gifts over the next few months but a few really stand out in my mind.

One day when I came home I found a note on my door with a bottle cap inside. The note said 'here's something I want you to have a little of' and the bottle cap had the word 'happiness' written inside of it.

As I entered my house there was a huge framed collage of the great times we had with our friends and family that a dear friend of the family had created for me. She took all the old rolls of film I had never developed as well as a few of her own that I had never seen of us and put them all together. Seeing him again in those pictures that I had never seen before made me cry.

The other gift I received is a little more demanding, but offers as much love as I could ever want. My husband had a beloved dog for many years but he got sick and died before my husband.

It was a very sad occurrence and we focused on getting my husband the care he needed during the time he still had. What I didn't know is that shortly before the dog died, my husband and a friend had bred him and the result were the cutest puppies you have ever seen.

That friend gave me one of those puppies that was almost an identical replica of my husband's best 4 legged friend. To this day whenever I look at him I see the laughter, love, and life my husband shared and my bed is always warm with an unconditional love of a furry friend.

And that's the story of my pet condolence gift.

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