Pre-Arrival Letter to Hotel for Corporate Guest

Pre Arrival Letter to Hotel for Corporate Guest. You know that feeling…you arrive at your hotel exhausted after a long trip, only to find yourself arguing with the front desk representative who has no record of the company arranging your stay.

What an absolute pain!  

As a company that values its customers (and their time and consideration).

When you have an employee or guest traveling for business purposes, you want to do everything you can to make sure their trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Sending his letter to the hotel is one step in that direction.

Giving the hotel a heads-up will save your employee a night of frustration and worry, which of course, will in turn keep them performing at peak condition.

Although you will have a detailed conversation beforehand, getting the specifics on paper is of the utmost importance!


Dear __________, 

This letter is to confirm our recent telephone conversation regarding [individual's] stay at your hotel next week.  All charges are to be directed to me at the address on our letterhead.

[individual]  will arrive at the Los Angeles airport on [date].  She should be checking in around [time]. 

The rate for her room will be $_____ plus tax per day.  She will probably be staying for    days. 

Please have flowers in her room when she arrives. 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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