Pre Employment Checklist Form

Pre Employment Checklist Form will make your help keep your personnel records up to date and organized.

Let’s face it, we’re all busy and it’s easy to miss something if we don’t have a system in place.

Whether you hire 1 employee or 10 employees per week, it will be very beneficial to get in the habit of using this checklist to assure that all necessary pre employment steps are completed.

This sample form, along with it's alternate version Pre-Employment Checklist, is a relatively simplified form to put valuable information of viable candidates of employment on paper.

Keep a copy in each employee personnel file in case you ever need to pull it for any of the information!








        References Requested:                 Date Received:

        ____________________                  ______________

        ____________________                  ______________

        ____________________                  ______________


        Interviewed By:                       Approved By:

        ____________________                  ______________

        ____________________                  ______________

        ____________________                  ______________


Education verified:______________________________________________

Licensure of certification verified:________________________________


Bonding Company approval:______________________________________



Starting Salary $ 


Fring Benefits [List]:


Effective starting date:

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