Pre Employment Checklist

Pre Employment Checklist. Having trouble remembering who interviewed which applicant, who attended which college, whether or not you checked references…

Well begin using this form to keep track of all of the important details!

When hiring a new employee most companies have a series of numerous steps that they need to complete before the employee can start.

If an important step is missed…such as running a background check or doing a drug test, there could be a major problem later on down the road.

Assure that each step is completed by using this checklist…and make your life easier while you’re at it!




Date: ______


Applicant: _______________________________________


Position: __________________________________________


References Requested:                 Date Received:

   ___________                                 ___________


Interviewed By:                       Approved By:

   ___________                                 ___________


Education verified: ____________________


Licensure of certification verified: ______________________

Bonding Company approval: ___________________________ 

Starting Salary $_______


Fringe Benefits [list]:




Effective starting date: _


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