Preferred Customer Sales Announcement

Send this Preferred Customer Sales Announcement out to invite your most valued customers to your event – held special just for them!

People love to hear that they are getting first grabs at some of the best deals!

And since these people obviously already love your product, they are bound to come out for this event!

Open your doors to a select group of loyal customers first, and they are sure to bring friends.

Friends that become loyal, happy customers, who also seek preferred status and bring more friends!

This cycle is one you and your business shouldn't mind getting stuck on.

Do yourself one better, print this notice on a post card or other decorative paper to really catch their eye!


Dear ___________,


The best time to take advantage of our low prices is now!

We have every reason to believe that at the June wholesale exhibition, the overall theme will be higher prices. 

With inflation talk creeping back into the news, this show provides the companies the chance to show their new merchandise--and raise prices. 

Why not beat inflation and drop by soon.  We are having a special Preferred Customer Sale.  You will be pleased with the products;  you will be amazed by some of the prices. In any event, drop by and say "hello".


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