Promissory Note Installment with Acceleration Clause

Here’s a Promissory Note Installment with Acceleration Clause sample letter that can be used by a lender in virtually any industry.

Whether you’re offering a student loan, a mortgage or a car loan, this template note can and should be used to your greatest advantage.

This letter is detailed and includes all of the essential information and includes an acceleration clause.

Of course, if it is missing anything, or if some of the points don’t apply you can easily make a few small changes to make it your own!



In the matter of [name of appellant] [address] APPEAL FROM REFEREE'S DECISION

[number] [date]

Notice is hereby given that a decision was reached in the above referenced matter on the above date in the City of , State of , a copy of which is attached hereto and sets forth the particulars in this matter.

That appellant alleges that an error in decision has been made on the part of the referee and is appealing said decision on the following grounds: [grounds for appeal]


Date: ____________________

___________________________ [Signature]


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