Recommendation Against Repair

It might be hard news to hear, but sometimes a Recommendation Against Repair is best.  It’s not a stretch to believe that a consumer can get 

attached to a product, the same car they’ve had since high school, a TV set that’s been with them through the years, even a computer that’s lasted all through their college years. 

Trouble with any machine or product, is eventually it will break down or malfunction. 

Sometimes, it’s just not worth the time, effort, or money to repair it. 

Retiring the old one and buying a new one is the better way to go. 

In those situations, this sample letter is just what you need.


Dear ___________,

After checking your television set thoroughly, my opinion is that it would be inadvisable to make the necessary repairs due to the age of your set.

The set requires a new picture tube plus several other parts. 

My estimate for parts and labor is approximately $_______ and you would still have a [year] model.

Please advise me as to what you would like me to do at this point. 

I can be reached at [telephone].  Thank you.


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