Recommendation for Edith Thorton

by Dr. Thorton
(Spartanburg, SC, USA)

Personal Reference Letter and Recommendation

Personal Reference Letter and Recommendation

Dear Dr. Manson

I am writing to recommend Edith Thorton to the vacant position on your faculty. I have known Edith for over ten years and she has been one of the most rational philosophers I know. We have partnered on numerous lectures and workshops through the years and we often discuss philosophical principles and theory at our weekly society get-togethers. Her articles are usually controversial, but are also poignant. With a vibrant mind, great insights, and a zest for human life and progress, I believe she would be a valuable asset to you as well as to the students she would teach.

Edith is a long time resident of this area and is well known to many members of the intellectual community. Her education credentials from Duke University are quite impressive. In fact she continues to write for their newsletter and is a regular lecturer there. Not only is her advanced degree respectable in its own right, but her continued knowledge and experience indicate that she is not satisfied with any diploma. Her quest for reason is demonstrably a lifelong pursuit, which underscores the confidence with which I can recommend her to you.

Although her classroom instruction beyond the lecture circuit is limited to a brief tenure at Dartmouth, I have seen how quickly she develops rapport with her listeners and has earned respect from her students. Although my experience is somewhat more robust than hers is, I dare say that I she has taught me quite a bit more than I ordinarily would like to admit. I believe that she will be a perfect fit for your staff as well as for the student body.

I recommend without reservation Edith Thorton to the junior faculty position you have available at the University of South Carolina.

Should you want to discuss my recommendation further, please call me. My direct number is 864-555-1212. Of course, you can always send email to my personal address,

Dr. Thorton

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Written By And For The Same Person
by: Lanard

Sometimes the best way to get a letter of recommendation written for you is to draft it yourself and give it to the person that you're requesting the letter of.

This is an especially good approach if the person who you're requesting to write the letter doesn't know much about you. It relieves th anxiety of having to write something relevant and helpful. Instead of "painting by numbers" it's kind of like "writing by numbers" except there are none.

This is a great example of that approach, as this letter of reference was written for Edith Thorton by Edith Thorton.

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