Recommendation Vs Qualification

by Bharat
(Madurai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA)

A friend of mine, a Post Graduate in business administration, was looking for a lucrative job. He had good contacts with the professors and Heads of the Departments in his University.

Each day he would look in newspaper ads for a suitable position in a reputed company. He mailed resumes to the companies that he was interested in.

He got replies from four or five concerns and interviewed with all of them. The interviewing authorities, after a score of queries finally, asked him about his work experience, but he didn't have any as a recent MBA graduate.

Next, they asked about letters of recommendation. This too he could not produce. So, he returned with a sad face everytime.

In the meantime, his professor came to know of his plight and took him to the Head of the Department and got him a strong recommendation letter to a well renowned company. He thankfully accepted and was very eager to join the company.

In this company he also underwent all the formalities in earlier institutions. He proudly produced his letter of recommendation to the Managing Director of the company. The interviewing authorities simply kept that letter and again asked him to wait for a couple of days.

He returned as usual with a sorry face; but when he reached home there was an email message asking him to come and join in the company the very next day.

With astonishment when he went to join the company, they said, "your performance in the interview was more appropriate than the recommendation".

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Character Reference Letters Are Difference Makers
by: Anonymous

On the one hand you can argue that students graduating with MBA Degrees are more than qualified to transition into the real world. But in reality they make lack the practical skills needed to do it successfully.

For example, they won't have the supervisory skills to manage other employees, or the experience that comes with managing programs specific to policies and procedures; managing grants, budgets and contracts, etc.

So, Character Reference Letters and Recommendation Letters are all the more important to a new graduates chances of getting a job right out of university.

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