Recommending Andew Williamson

by Pop Andrei
(Miami, FL)

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this reference at the request of Andrew Williamson who is applying for the accountant job at Silvania Co. He was my student at the University of Virginia, 3 years ago.

I have known Andrew Williamson for 4 years in my capacity as a professor at The University of Virginia. Andrew Williamson took accounting courses from me and earned good grades in those classes. Based on Andrew Williamson’s excellent results, attendance and class participation, I’d rate Andrew Williamson’s academic performance in my class as above average.

Andrew Williamson has a number of strengths to offer: he’s an expert in computers, he likes to learn new things and he always arrived on time for classes.

I recommend without reservation Andrew Williamson for this job, because he was a brilliant student and it is my sincere belief that hiring him will significantly contribute to the development of your company.

In conclusion If Andrew Williamson’s performance in my class is any indication of how he’d perform in your company, he will be a positive addition to your organization. For further questions you can contact me at +1 305.521.2468.

Pop Andrei.

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Letter of Reference For Andew Williamson
by: Lanard

If there's a University Professor needing to write a Letter of Reference for a former student this is a good template to use as a sample letter. It's not fancy, but it is very practical. Lanard

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