Red Rose Pictures

Red Rose Pictures

Red Rose Pictures

Need Red Rose Pictures? While returning home from a road trip to Memphis, TN I started drafting this page and needed some sample rose pictures to enhance it.

Initially, I limited my search to sites offering "free pictures" but after nearly picking up a virus from one of them I got smart and started looking only at sites that sell them. They less spammy and problematic.

I settled on CanStockPhotos, which offers hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of roses. The variety and type of photos was rich and deep.

CanStock offers four sizes to choose from costing $2.00, $3.00, $4.00 and $10.00 each, respectively. It's possible that the prices might be more or less for some pictures, but of the eight pictures I bought I paid as noted above.

The collage of red rose pictures above is a sample of their offerings. Let me know by leaving a comment below if they're the kind of pictures you're looking for. Thanx, Lanard

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