Reference Letter Example

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Reference Letter Example

from.  Including reference letters with your resumes and employment applications should be a given, which is arguably just as important as your resume. Even if you don't think you need it include one anyway, because when you're looking for a job sometimes who you know is more important than what you know and in that event a letter of personal reference can be the difference in getting hired, or not.  Let me give you an example!

A couple of years ago I hired a young man that I’ll call Frank, and had to terminate his employment less than a week after he started due to a change in the company's finances. Like other companies we were experiencing a decline in revenues.

It was a terrible situation that happened to a good person. We were both devastated, plus I was consumed with guilt and regret about the situation.

Frank asked if I'd be willing to give him a reference letter. I said yes and was prepared to use one of the following reference letter examples to use as a template to write a reference letter for him:

Personal Recommendation Letter Template
Personal Reference Letter Sample
Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation

But I decided not to write a reference letter. Instead, I called Mark, a professional acquaintance of mine. Mark was the CEO of a company that I knew was hiring.

I told Mark about Frank and the situation that we found ourselves in and asked if he’d consider hiring him.

Essentially, I told Mark that Frank was a great person and a great hire, but due to matters beyond our control I had to terminate his employment.

I then encouraged him to consider hiring Frank and arranged a time to personally introduce him. He said okay.

On the day of the meeting Frank met me at my office and the two of us rode together to Mark's office.

Once we got there I introduced the two of them and by the time we left Mark had hired Frank...on the spot. I don't know who was happier...Frank, or me!

In this instance I did not write a reference was not necessary; nor did I get around to needing a reference letter example to serve as a template for writing one.

However, it's a great example of the saying that goes…"it's not always what you know, but who you know."

In this instance I knew Mark and my personal endorsement of Frank was enough to get him hired on the spot.

This illustrates the power inherent in a personal reference letter of recommendation. But instead of writing it I verbalized it.

Now, if things had turned out differently I would have been prepared to dive into my treasure trove of Sample Reference Letters and templates to write one. You can use them, too.

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