Reference Letter - Recommending Andrew Walker

by Hannah Brown
(Thunderbolt, GA)

Below is a Reference Letter for an individual working in a fire department. Currently he is a Second Lieutenant, but is looking for a promotion to Captain with all of the benefits associated with it.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in recommendation of Andrew Walker for the position of Captain on the Thunderbolt Fire Department. I have known Andrew for several years, from the time he joined the volunteer fire department at age 18 where I was a Lieutenant.

Andrew spent four years furthering his career and attending trainings and fire schools across the state. He achieved his 150 hour certification in under two years and he has three years of active experience operating on a fire scene. In his third year, Andrew was promoted Second Lieutenant.

Andrew has excellent communications skills and does an excellent job when put in a leadership position. He has a quick eye and looks out for his firemen on the fireground. He has extensive training in Fire Control and Behavior and has obtained his Hazmat Operations level certification.

I highly recommend Andrew Walker for the open position of Captain with your fire department and firmly believe that any fire department would be lucky to have him.


Hannah Brown

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by: Anonymous

An excellent letter template for this particular career. It can also be tailored easily for other public service careers.

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