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Reference Letter Samples can play a big role in whether you land a new job, or not. How so? Because people writing them are typically at a

Reference Letter Sample

disadvantage when it comes to them. Specifically, they simply don't write them often enough to develop the skills needed to write attention commanding, effective ones. Let there be no doubt about it...special skills are required. In fact, even great writers sometimes use sample letters and templates.

Here are some cold hard facts. The economy is in such a state that job seekers are trying to create any competitive advantage they can, as small as it might be. So, they turn to resources like these...

A 5 Step Process for Writing a Perfect Reference Letter - A Letter of Personal Reference is written for many reasons, but most notably for seeking employment…and an effective one can be the difference between getting the desired outcome, or not.  This process helps to ensure the right outcome. 

A Personal Recommendation Letter Template - This template letter gets right to the point. Give it to a boss, co-worker or friend and have them complete it for you. You can write the perfect letter in minutes with this template and be proud to present to anybody, anywhere about any profession or subject. 

How To Write a Character Reference Letter -The best way to write one comes down to three things; a good template from which to write, a good letter to use as an example, and/or to rely on the strength of your writing skills without the use of a template or sample letter.

Reference Letter Sample - Don't Bore, Captivate!

In case you don't already know it a Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation Doesn't Have to be Boring. In fact, the more lively, upbeat and unique it is the more effective they can be for the people they're written about.  For example, a statement like...

"Jim is an avid runner. In fact, he runs the Boston Marathon every year to raise money for non-profit, charitable organizations. I'm pleased to share with you that he has raised $10,000.00 over four years for the organization that I am associated with."

Captivates the reader’s attention and keeps them interested in learning more, verses a statement like..."Jim's favorite past time is running marathons to raise money for charitable organizations."  Here are some reference letter samples.

Sample Letter #1      
Sample Letter #2      
Sample Letter #3         

Summarily, some of the best reference letters start from samples and templates found on this page.  Hope that you found something helpful to you.

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