Reference Letter Samples

Reference Letter Samples can provide you with quick start ideas for writing your own reference letters. 

They're pretty simple to write when you know what goes into a good letter and the ones below offer opportunities for you to see for yourself. 

Why do you need Sample Reference Samples? 

Is it to write a letter for someone applying for a job, seeking an appointment to an advisory board, or trying to get into graduate school? 

No matter your answer you can use any one of the various sample letters below as templates for writing your own. 

Every one of them can get your ideas flowing and can be the stimulus you need to write your own. 

Here are some brief details about the links provided below. 

Each link will lead you to an excellent recommendation sample letter.

The very first link is for a Format For a Reference Letter.  This letter shows the six simple parts that make up any reference letter; whether personal or professional.  The parts include a salutation, first through third paragraphs, and a summary followed by a conclusion. 

The second on list, the Recommendation Letter For Edith Thorton is a good sample letter to use if you need to write a reference letter of higher learning.  This letter example reflects teaching experience at Duke University and a brief tenure at Dartmouth. 

Finally, there's this Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation for Nathaniel Long. One of Nate's accomplishment's was that "based on his solid base of interviews and market research, he prepared a simple, but unique method of reaching out to new potential clients".

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