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Need to write a Reference Letter? Then you're in the right place, as we have many sample templates to guide you.  Select one, personalize it to fit the needs of the person you're writing it for and you'll be minutes! 

Character Reference Letter Samples

Letter for Court - It's a given that you need a good attorney to represent you in most court related matters. What's less well known is that letters to the court (judge and prosecuting attorney in particular) can be just as beneficial.

Letter for Criminal Court - I'd advise anybody going to court for law violations to go with references in hand, whether they have an attorney or not.  You need this letter, or one like it, if you want to prevail with judges and prosecution attorneys.

Letter To A Judge -  Count on it! You or someone you know will eventually be presented before a Judge for a legal infraction of some kind and when that happens reference letters can go a long way in getting the sanctions reduced, or eliminated altogether.   

Character Reference Letter Example - Can a letter help you get that promotion you have your heart set on?  Absolutely! Especially  if it’s written by someone who knows you well and is influential with the person who’ll be receiving it. 

Easy Steps To Writing a Good Letter - If you're anxious about writing a letter you can stop  fretting about it, because it's not that hard when you break it down into manageable steps. This one was written using a 3 Step Template. 

Five Sample Letters - On this page you'll discover 5 letters. Included is a thank you letter for a job interview, one for telling a job applicant that they didn't get the job; letters of recommendation, etc. 

Format For a Reference Letter - Five Easy Steps - Discover how to write your next letter in 5 Easy Steps. This "How To" Guide lays it out in easy to understand language.  You can also read sample letters written by others who used this template.

Letter of Recommendation Template - Three Step Format  - I've broken down how to write recommendation letters into Three Steps; a first, second and third paragraph.  That's kidding...and they're not long paragraphs. If you want something harder than that you'll have to look elsewhere.

Use This Template When Someone Asks You To Provide A Reference For Them - You never know when someone will ask you to be a reference for them, but when they do you want to be prepared. Bookmark this page for those times when you need to write a good one fast...and then share it with your friends. Enjoy!

Sample Letter For an Army Veteran Applying For a Job - There’s nothing better than starting a recommendation letter with a great template, like this one. It's for an Army Veteran interested in working as a personal security guard. Team oriented and attentive to detail he has the makeup to be an excellent bodyguard.

Personal Character Letter of Reference - Writing personal reference letters can be difficult. So, writing your own for someone else signature makes it immensely easier someone you've requested a letter from. One of the two letters here is a Character Letter To a Judge.

Here's A Article About Why You Should  Include Recommendation Letters In Resumes and Applications - Arguably, a letter of  recommendation is as important as your resume and/or application  Even if you don't think you need one you should include one anyway.  Why?  Because validation by others make you more worthy of consideration.

Perfect Sample Letter - A good letter can captivate a reader’s attention from start to finish. It starts with the letter being an appropriate length, typically 3-5 paragraphs; just long enough to convey the attributes of the person the letter is written about…like this one. 

Want To Write Your Own Letter For Someone Else's Signature? Use This Template – Amanda was in the unfortunate position of having been laid off by a company she worked for.  It was good news and bad news.  Her employer offered to provide her with a glowing reference, but only if she wrote it for their signature.  Here's what she wrote...

Here's A Letter Suitable For College Admission - If you need a sample letter for college admission consider this one. The writer is a pastor who is sometimes asked to write letters for her high school students who are applying to college.

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