Refund for Carefully Packaged Returned Merchandise

Refund for Carefully Packaged Returned Merchandise - Sometimes we think we're ordering one thing and it turs out we get something different.  It happens to everybody at one time or anothersample letter. 

And when that happens people ultimately do one of two things:

they sometimes keep the product because it was either free, cheap or otherwise inexpensive beacause it's less hassle than returning it...or

they repackage the product and send it back to the shipper with a request for a refund, no matter how little or much it costs.  Afterall, why pay for something you don't really want.

However, returning the product is often a major turnoff, what with the time spent repackaging and shipping it. 

Here's a letter template that helps with writing why the product is being returned. 



Having received the merchandise you returned to us on [date] we are enclosing our check to you in the amount of $    [amount]

Thank you for taking such care in the packing of the returned merchandise.

We are sorry that circumstances prompted the return of this merchandise, but hope that you will continue to allow us to serve you in the future.


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