Refusal of Offer of Employment

Congratulations!  The interview went well and a job offer is on the table.  Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, you have to refuse the offer.

We have just want you need, this Refusal of Offer of Employment sample letter. 

Whether because you’re already accepted a job offer or because you’ve changed your mind about entering this particular career field, it’s in good taste to present an official refusal of an offered position. 

No need to fuss around with the right words to say. 

Simply use this sample letter as a template and your polite refusal is practically written for you!


Dear _________,

I am most appreciative of your offer of employment.  It is unfortunate that

your offer arrived when it did, as I have just accepted another position. 

Should my situation change, I will be in prompt contact with you. 

However, I believe the firm which I have chosen to associate with holds

great career promise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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