Resignation Letters

Looking for some Resignation Letters? If so, your search is over - as I've got five good ones for you.  Each one is uniquely different from the other, 

as they were written by different people.

So, the writing styles may be noticeably different.

For example, mine are formatted to address three basic, but necessary elements of all resignation letters. Do you know what they are?

Here they are;

Resignation Letter Sample - need to write a resignation letter, but don't know what to say? If so, check this letter to get some ideas. Heck, you might as well download it and tweak it to make it uniquely yours.

Resignation Letter Example - there's nothing magical about them. It's just that good resignation letters include three critical components. Click the link to discover what they are.

Sample Resignation Letter - if you're getting ready to quit your job you're probably already thinking about writing a resignation letter. You can do it the hard way by writing one starting with a blank page, or you can use a template letter like this one.

Letter of Resignation - this letter is about a manager with a real estate company who quit his job after accepting a new one in England. Read what he had to say.

Writing A Letter of Resignation - yes, you can start with a blank computer screen or sheet of paper. Or, you can use your "mouse" and click on this link, read the sample letter and hen use it to write your own.

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