Response to Improper Billing After Payment

A Response to Improper Billing After Payment sample letter.

Paying bills responsibly and on time can do wonders for your credit and seems to be the goal of most consumers.  So there can be nothing more frustrating than a company that is attempting to stiff you out of more money via late fees when you've been on your best behavior. 

This sample letter addresses just this kind of issue.  An improper billing issue can be easily resolved on both sides without you forking over another cent and without further provocation from debtors.



On   /  /   I received your letter which indicated that I had a balance owing in the amount of $


On   /  /   I mailed a check to you in the amount of $ You should have received my check prior to writing your letter and I am, therefore, somewhat concerned.


If you have not received my check by the time this letter arrives, I would appreciate hearing from you inasmuch as I should issue a stop payment on the funds.


I will hold this matter in abeyance until I hear from you.

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