Restaurant Manager Gets Stellar Letter From Former Boss and Mentor

Letter of Recommendation for Restayuant Manager

Letter of Recommendation for Restayuant Manager

Here's a letter of recommendation written for a restaurant day shift manager who relocated to a new city. He was an excellent employee who worked his way up through the ranks. His former boss wrote this about him.


Dear Ms. Lathrop,

My name is Tim Randall, and I have owned Randall's Restaurant in Houston for 25 years. I am writing to you to give my highest recommendation to Sean Smith, who has applied for the day manager position at Sierra Cafe.

Sean has worked for me for 6 years total, and as both a day and night manager at Randall's for the past three years. He started here straight out of high school and worked his way up from being a busser. In that time I have watched him succeed on every front at Randall's, and I can attest to the fact that in his time as a manager he has been without question the best I have ever had.

He is organized and hard-working. He is a great supervisor who is respected by his coworkers (seniors and juniors). His customer service skills are superb and he has been as dedicated to the happiness of our customers as he has been to our bottom line. They were sad to see him leave, as was I. I am, however, excited at the opportunity to recommend him to work for you as a manager at Sierra Cafe. I'm sure you will be as happy as I have been to have Sean heading up your front of house team.

Should you have any questions about Sean, please contact me at 212-555-1212 and I will gladly answer them. You may also email me at

Tim Randalls

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