Resume Cover Letter For Lead Worker

by Deepak Jain
(Delhi, India)

Mr. Khanna told me about an opening in your company for the position of Software Testing Manager. I am here by sending my resume so that you can consider it for further processing.

I am currently working as Test Lead in one of the leading Software organizations for last 3 years. During my total tenure in IT industry for last 5+ years, I have worked in various domains including Telecom and Finance which has helped in developing me as a testing professional who can work across different kind of applications across different businesses.

Lately I have been working on Project level estimations and actively practicing people management skills which have made me to look forward to grow my career as a Manager.

I am looking forward to work in a bigger organization like yours which can provide me adequate opportunities to show case and refine my soft skills as well as technical skills to grow myself as a much more mature individual.

I would appreciate your consideration of my resume for the opening. I can be contacted at Insert Phone Number in case of any further queries. Looking forward to hear back from you soon.

Your Name

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