Resume Cover Letter Samples - Three In One

by Lanard

Your resume is a very important tool in getting a job, but a resume cover letter is equally, if not more important. You need a cover letter that introduces you and your resume. Some points you want to consider are:

1. Tailor your cover letter to the job. Tell your future employer why you are perfect for this particular position

2. Highlight anything on your resume that you want your prospective employer to pay attention to

3. Specific things about the job that is being offered that you have experience in

4. Anything else that you want to tell your potential employer about

Here are Three Resume Cover Letter Templates for your consideration.

Cover Letter for A Junior Accountant Position

Resume Cover Letter

Airline Customer Service Rep

These samples of resume cover letters show you by example what good cover letters should look like; which should be brief and to the point while at the same time lengthy enough to highlight your qualifications and interest in a job opening.

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