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When it comes to applying for a job, nothing helps more than a sharp, well written job application cover letter. Nothing!

But you don't want anything ordinary. You want cover letters that sizzle, so think long and hard about what you write, as that first point of contact is important - it's where you can make a lasting impression.

Also, don't just rehash what you say in your resume . Instead, be daring and creative in conveying your skills and competencies. Express your knowledge about the organization that you submit your resume to, as well as your desire to meet one on one to personally discuss your interests and qualifications.

Another resume writing tip strategy is to write short, punchy, attention grabbing sentences . Use verbs that energize and give life to your experiences that entice readers to read more. These may take some time to write, but will be well worth the effort when you're done. This strategy has produced some amazing cover letters.

Let me show you what I mean. Take for example, this acceptable, but ordinary phrase; "I managed medical services ." It's okay - it gets the job done and is about par for what others might write. However, it can be better - much better!

So, let's rewrite it to say "I analyzed our budget and determined how to reduce costs while providing the same level of services. I then implemented new processes that saved the company $300,000.00 per year over the next 3 years."

Wow - what a difference! You can sense and almost see the things that happened when the writer was around. They changed plain to interesting and makes you want to learn more about the person.

You can do this for your writings, too by using a thesaurus program or Type in a verb to and choose any of the options that you're presented with. It's amazing how a few simple words can magically transform your cover letter.

These resume cover letter writing tips can help you increase the quality of your cover letter immediately. However, there's one more I want to offer before I go and that's this; multiple drafts can make a big different in the quality of your letters. The more time between drafts the more effective the drafting process can be.

Here's my final resume cover letter writing tip.  It's about and an amazing cover letter generator.  In just 3 1/2 minutes you can have an extraordinary resume cover letter guaranteed to cut through your stiffest competition like a hot knife through butter. Turn your speakers on as there's a recording that describes the product in more detail.

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