Resume Cover Letters Four Step Template for Success

Resume Cover Letters Four Step Template for Success
By Lanard Perry

A Resume or Cover Letter is the ultimate salesperson. It will work tirelessly around the clock promoting you as the ideal candidate for any job that you apply for. Is yours up to the challenge of presenting you as the best suited candidate? If not you need to re-write it.

Fortunately, writing a resume cover letter is relatively easy. And although each letter should be uniquely different and speak to a specific position, a resume cover letter template can provide the framework from which to write them. Additionally, here are four steps to follow when writing a resume cover letter.

Step One - get noticed. Start with the appearance of your envelope. Is it a generic, right out of the box, white business envelope; or is it one that reflects that it was especially selected; which is denoted by its' color, size, stock, weight and feel?

What about the font type and size? Business like fonts work best, verses script like fonts. Readers will read and better comprehend information when presented in easy to read formats. Conversely, they'll set aside cover letters and resumes that don't.

Step Two - generate interest through the content of your letter. The most obvious place to start is by addressing your letters to a specific person. Even if it takes a week of research to find out the name of the individual who'll be reading your resume it will be time well spent. Nothing...and I do mean nothing, will make a greater impact on the reader than your letter being addressed specifically to them.

Step Three - make them desire to learn more about you. Once you've connected with the reader by way of steps one and two above turn their interest into a desire to learn more about you. You can do this by relating your interest in a specific position, followed by a short paragraph about your experience and accomplishments.

For example, you might say something like..."I see from your recent ad in the Resume Times that you are looking for an experienced _______. Well, that would be me. I have over ten years experience as an ____ and have been recognized three years in a row as the "_____ of The Year."

Step Four - turn desire into action. Here's where you want the reader to do something active; to read your resume right away, to call you to learn more about your interest and availability, or set up a time for an interview.

Phrases like..."I look forward to an opportunity to personally discuss my interests and qualifications"...or, "It would be a privilege to personally meet with you discuss my interest, and to this end I will call you Monday of next week to see when you might be available for a one on one meeting"

Summarily, although writing a resume cover letter can be a tedious chore, the reward is that a top notch letter can help you get noticed, create interest and desire and get you more interviews and job offers. However, if you aren't up to writing the caliber of letter that you deserve you can always consider a professional resume writing service.

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