Sale on Consignment Acknowledgement

A Sale on Consignment Acknowledgement sample letter - When selling a product it is normally as simplistic as product + need = sale.  You do the work and you reap all the reward.  Consignment sales can be a bit trickier to regulate.  Trickier that is, if you don’t have an acknowledgement letter such as this one.  This sample letter fleshes out the particulars of true ownership of goods and the proper procedure for storing or returning unsold products.


Date: _________

To: ___[Customer]___


This letter shall acknowledge that the goods described on the attached invoice or order are shipped on a consignment basis.

In the event you shall be unable to sell said goods, any unsold goods may be returned to us at your expense for full credit.

We reserve the right to reclaim any unsold goods at any time.  You further agree to execute any financing statements as we may from time to time require to perfect our ownership claim to said goods.

Goods sold by you shall be paid on the terms stated in our invoice.


Very truly, 






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