Sales Lead

A Sales Lead sample letter - Heavy indeed is the crown of the sales lead. 

Your consumers had questions and your sales team should have all of the answers. 

Practical information, detailed pictures and projected figures are all aides that will serve as assets to the team. 

With this information, knowing the ins and outs of the key product, the team will be armed with confidence. 

And nothing sells like knowledge and confidence. 

This sample letter encourages your sales lead to go for it and seal the deal with just that.


Dear ________,

Enclosed are photocopies of the inquiries we have received from your region regarding the new line of sump pumps. 

Literature has been mailed with your name to each interested company.

A follow-up sales call would be appropriate in most cases.

Last month's results just hit my desk, and you are doing a fine job breaking in the new line.

If I may be of any help, please give a call.

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