Sales Letter for Music School

Sales Letter for Music School - With the decline of art and music programs in public schools, music schools have been cropping up more and 

more. These new schools will need a letter like this.

Music programs, music institutions with creative curriculum are in desperate demand. 

Unfortunately, they are also quite elusive to the everyday consumer. 

Taking the “if you build it, they will come” attitude won’t really work if no one knows it’s there!

And believe me, people are looking for you!

Let the community know that you’re school is on the map and lead them straight to your doors. 

This letter can be the first step to making beautiful music together!


Dear ___________,

We at the "Pasadena Music School", as new members of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, would like to introduce ourselves to those of you who may not be aware of our school.

"Pasadena Music School" is now one and one-half years old.

In that time we have been growing steadily, and offering varied and unique programs for both children and adults.

Private lessons include voice, piano, strings and wind instruments. 

In addition, we offer Pasadena's only Suzuki program.

Our professional instructors all have degrees in music and are dedicated to providing personal and individualized attention to their students. 

Every student is offered the opportunity to perform often in our "Recitals with a Difference", in addition to participating in our programs for schools and various organizations.

Please call us for a summer brochure in which all of the classes available are described. 

Or call us if your group or organization needs musical entertainment for a party or meeting. 

We will plan a program specifically for you—at no charge.

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