Sales Letter for Oriental Rugs

Sales Letter for Oriental Rugs - Why would you need an Oriental rug in your home?  If you’re a purveyor of unique and high end rugs, I’m sure

you’ve got a hundred reasons of why that would be a necessity.

Your target audience however, can probably only come up with one. 

A sales letter such as this is the way to give your potential consumers more than just that one reason, and also something to ponder about. 

To add a touch of class to their home, a smart investment in interior design, and the list goes on and on. 

Tell them all about it and use this sample letter as a starting point.


Dear ___________,

Oriental Rugs are an investment.  Standard wall to wall carpeting depreciates in value. 

Oriental Rugs can be rolled up and taken with you no matter how many times you move in your lifetime. 

Wall to wall carpeting generally stays behind.  A fine Oriental Rug is expensive, so is fine wall to wall carpeting. 

A fine Oriental Rug can fetch a handsome price at Sotherbys. 

Sotherbys would never sell used wall to wall carpeting.

Stop in and see us some time.


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