Sample Character Reference Letter

The Sample Character Reference Letter below is a good one to use if you need to write one for someone, or someone write one for you. It's flexible and can easily be adapted to other uses.

Sample Character Reference Letter

Sample Character Reference Letter - #1


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of Mary Last Name as a candidate for employment with your organization. I have known her for 7 years and worked alongside as a volunteer Parent Teacher Association (PTA) committee member for 3 of them.  Currently, she’s the association President and I am Vice President, and it is through this relationship with her I encourage you to consider her for employment with your organization.

Mary is a tireless advocate of childhood education and works hard to ensure that every child @ Christian Jones Academy is given the tools and support needed to receive a quality education. For example, she supports teachers by conducting fund raising campaigns to purchase classroom supplies for kids who can’t afford to buy them, and parents by making “redirecting behavior” classes available to those needing the resource.

In addition to being a hard worker she’s an effective team player with a gifted ability to unite people of all walks of life to gain consensus on problem issues.  She takes an open and fair minded approach to tasks that is recognized and appreciate by staff; parents respond positively to her because of her easy going personality; and children embrace her exuberance, even while she constantly challenges them to work to their potential.

In closing, I highly recommend Mary if you’re looking for a change maker, someone who can step in and make a difference in children’s lives right away.  Her skill set and work ethic are second to none and her love for children is on display for the world to see.


Your Name

Sample Character Reference Letter

Sample Character Reference Letter - #2


Whom It May Concern:

I am Broker (owner) of Realty PLUS, a full service real estate office in Miramar, Your State. I have been in business since 2001 and over the years have hired many new real estate agents.  Some appeared destined for success. Bethany is one such person.  I have followed her professional growth in awe and with pride.   

Bethany has consistently been a leader in residential sales and listings. She is smart, competent, dedicated and driven. She has a great work ethic, is very personable, and works well with others. Also, her passion for what she does is inspiring and despite being younger than most other agents in the office new incoming agents look to her as a peer mentor.

Bethany has been a solid performer and contributor to the overall success of the company and individual agents employed within it.  While residential real estate is her specialty, she is just as adept marketing acreage and commercial properties.  

Sadly, Bethany recently informed me that she and her family are moving to Name City in the near future. So, it is with a great of pride that I recommend her for hire with your agency and am confident that once you speak with her you’ll recognize the magnitude of her talent and ability. I am also just as confident that she'll be as big of an asset to your company as she was for mine. 

In closing, please contact me if I can lend further support regarding Bethany's interest in relocating to Name City and continuing her work in the real estate industry. My telephone number and email address is noted below for your convenience. 

With Warm Regard,

Your Name

Sample Character Reference Letter

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