Sample College Letter of Recommendation

Getting into college takes some work but getting your hands on a great Sample College Letter of Recommendation isn't!

Certain career paths put professionals at the forefront for requests to write these types of recommendation letters.

Teachers, guidance counselors, group leaders, even coaches and youth ministry leaders could use a good sample to help shape a personalized letter of recommendation.

If writing for a prized student you will want to present them in their best light.  

Writing a glowing recommendation might be a daunting task, but this example will provide a strong frame for you to elaborate upon.

Use this sample letter, supplement the structure with detailed information that will highlight the students' best qualities.


To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of [individual], a hard working young man who is worthy of your consideration for admission into your university. I've known [applicant] for [#] years and grew to know him as a focused, ambitious person and even better than that he is ethical and is honest almost to a fault. 

I've worked with a lot of young adults over the last ten years but few were as self motivated to simultaneously improve his station in life while helping to increase the quality of lives of people who are less fortunate than himself. In closing, please accept this letter as an endorsement for accepting [applicant] into your university.

If given an opportunity I'm sure that you'll come to recognize that he has the traits and characteristic that you desire in your students. I'm proud to be associated with [applicant] and I think you will be, too.



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